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Qrew Group Highlight - Pipelines Customer Network

Introducing Qrew Group Highlights, a blog series dedicated to highlighting a Customer Network or Community-led Qrew Group. Each month, we'll highlight a different Customer Network or Qrew Group. What are Qrew Groups you ask? BAM. Enablement link. Check out the upcoming Customer Networks on our Events page. If you want to connect with others in The Qrew, no better place to do just that than through Qrew Groups. Register for some events, share your successes, and see how others in The Qrew are winning with Quickbase. 

If you haven't had a chance to meet Senior Customer Success Manager Caroline Stuart-Freas yet, you're missing out. An American living in London, Caroline joined Quickbase in the spring of 2022, and just recently completed her first year at Quickbase. Her enthusiasm for her customers is evident every time you get a chance to speak with her. She goes the extra mile to make her meetings entertaining. Caroline oversees the Customer Network program, and serves as the admin for two individual Customer Networks, the EMEAA (Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia) and the Pipelines Customer Network, which to date, has been the most popular Customer Network.

Recently, I had a chance to catch up with Caroline to talk about the most recent Pipelines meetup. These gatherings have been super valuable to the community, to the point where members requested more frequent meetings (they meet monthly). Fully expecting to talk about Pipelines and only Pipelines, Caroline shared that one of the highlights of the meeting was her doing a live taste test of an English delicacy as an activity to kick things off in the meetup. As mentioned before, Caroline is customer-obsessed, willing to do some pretty brave things on a Zoom call to add value to her customers' experience. 

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