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11 months ago

Query formula field not finding any values

Hi, I am trying to sum up values from one table to another but the formula is returning 0. I am confident that my formula is correct but I don't know if there is something wrong in the backend. 

var number PoOpenValues = SumValues(GetRecords("{106.CT.'Saguaro'}",[_DBID_PO]),113);
If([SYSTEM: Break Query] = false,$PoOpenValues)

I have a break query field that only runs the formula if the checkbox is false to save performance and I have a pipeline to capture a snapshot of this sum in another Value field. FID-106 is a text field called Program Name and FID-113 is formula-numeric called Open PO Extended Cost. The foreign table has about 25,000 records and I am not sure if the size is an issue.

Here is an example of the values I have in the PO table.

Christopher Mata
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