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28 days ago

Query multiple tables

Here is a high-level overview of my tables along with the related fields:

  • Schools (school name, etc.)
  • Class Types (school name, class name, age range, etc.)
  • Available Seats (school name, class name, start date, cost, etc.)

Then I have:

  • Parents (parent name, etc.)
  • Children (parent name, child name, child age, etc.)

For each parent, I would like for them to be able to select each of their children, enter some search parameters (date, time, etc.) and only see the available seats for that particular child based on those user-selected filters.  Once they select one of the rendered results, I would like for them to be able to book that seat, move to the next child, and then have a total cost of all seats selected. 

I hope this makes sense.

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