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2 years ago

Question on Merge Field for Import

On one of my tables I have records that have fields that are not necessarily unique but the combination of 2 fields is unique. 

I have a field Requisition # and a field called Candidate Ref Num.  Neither is unique on their own, but the 2 values combined create a unique value.  I created a formula text field to combine these and marked it Unique. 

I hoped to use it as the Merge Field to import additional data to the record.  Unfortunately it's not listed as a merge field (probably because it's a formula field).  Does anyone have any insight into how I handle this particular problem?

Sheila Allas

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  • I had this same issue. You cannot merge on a formula field. I also found out the hard way. My solution was to make another field:

    [Merge Field Scalar]

    You simply need to fill this merge field scalar with the formula field, and of course make the scalar field unique. You can fill it via a nightly pipeline that runs a table to table import, or dynamic form rules, or a pipeline, etc. If you use webhooks that can also work.

    Essentially, you need a webhook or pipeline that says, if one of my 2 fields that make up the formula field changes, then change the scalar field to the value in the formula field.

    Then merge onto your scalar field.

    Mike Tamoush