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5 years ago

Quickbase Attachment from Egnyte File Sharing

Hi All, Have everyone implement a solution to integrate QuickBase with Egnyte?. There is a field on Quickbase where users attach files. The file already saved on Egnyte. Basically we use Egny...
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    5 years ago
    Hi Syaeful,

    The 'New Record in Quick Base' trigger only returns the Record ID as a parameter, it doesn't contain the complete payload of data from the newly added record. You can add a 'Find Record in Quick Base' action and set that up to search for the Record ID that matches the Record ID from the newly created record in the 'New Record in Quick Base' trigger. The 'Find Record in Quick Base' step will give you the file from the file attachment field that you can then use to upload to Egnyte. 

    Erich Wehrmann