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2 years ago

Quickbase connect to Excel (ODBC?)

Hello all,

Just curious on if anyone has a direction about using Quickbase as the data store and connecting it to excel.

Ive seen QuNect and thought about giving that a try. Also was curious if this could be done through pipelines ODBC.

Thank you for all your help!

Griffin Starr

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  • Good morning, I am an expert in migration and connection between different platforms (api, odbc, ScreenJAvascrip, etc ) I have done a lot of research on data extraction and connection to quickbase. The two odbc checkout tools are good (Cdata and Qbase) but they increase your QbaseAPI counter. Right now I'm working on something that allows me to extract ScreenJAvascript information. The best option is to consume the Qbase APIs, I'll stick to their services.

    Thank you

    Marcelo Benavides Torres

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