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2 years ago

Quickbase newbie needs help

So I saw a video on youtube that showed a startup screen with a dialog box that said" The fastest way too your app is working with our team" but I never have seen to explore.

here is video link

Tom Mitz

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  • Hi Tom,

    Welcome to Quickbase, in the video you linked they are showing just a slightly older version of our trial intake form. That is something that we refresh from time to time, if you recently signed up for a trial what you should be getting fairly soon is an intro email from a rep here at QB to check in with you and offer to chat if you would like, that is exactly who that form used to update when we had it. So if you respond to their email with similar information they are there to help chat with you more about what your business goals are and what problems you are looking to solve and how we can help. Jumping right into Quickbase can feel a bit daunting so they are there to help chat about what you are looking to accomplish and what you are trying to learn during your trial to decide if QB is the right tool for you. I hope that helps and I'm definitely happy to help as well if you have questions. Have a great day!

    Evan Martinez