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2 years ago

Quickbase Notifications

Hello Quickbase Community!

I have notification set up when a form is completed and edited. Is there a way I can have a delay 15 minutes after the form is edited or created? Thanks!

Landon Wyrick

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  • No problem,
    Make a new date time field on your record called [Date /Time to trigger email]
    Set the notification  to instead trigger in that field.

    Make a Pipeline to trigger in the same condition that your old notification was firing on.

    The second step of the pipeline will be from the Clock Channel and it will be a Pause Step.  Enter 15m as the amount of time to wait.  The step has built in help for other time period syntaxes.

    then the next step will be to update the trigger record in the A and update the field [Date /Time to trigger email] with the value
    {{ }}

    That will trigger the Notification.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      Your realm admin who administers your whole Quickbase account has control over whether anybody in your organization can create pipelines or just certain listed people. The default is particular users get selected so you will need to find your local realm admin and ask for permission to create pipelines.

      Because the ability to see and share access of pipelines is currently very awkward, the least worst choice for an organization which has multiple people creating pipelines would be to have a shared service account user ID where everybody uses that same account for pipelines. The problem is that other people in your organization will not be able to see your pipelines and vice versa which can lead to a maintenance problem of not knowing what each other are doing or backing each other up or dealing with a terminated employee. If a particular user owns a pipeline and they put on the deny list then the pipeline will fail.

      Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)