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4 months ago

QuickBase reports taking too long to process

Hi, I am observing strange behavior with QuickBase reports. It's so happening that a report is loading for some users, but is throwing the error "The way this report is built will take too long to process." for others in similar roles. I tried using performance analyzer to optimise the report, but it takes mere 0.04s to load without any scope for further optimisation. 

What could be leading to this strange behavior?


shivani jain

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  • To your comment - these are the same roles as you? Security can often be a big factor in some cases. What type of filtering do you have set in the reports? Have you tested as those users and then attempted to run the analyzer? 

    Chayce Duncan
  • Are there any Formula Queries included in the report by chance?

    If the Performance Analyzer isn't shedding any light, then I'd consider opening a Quickbase Support Ticket, as this one may be kinda tricky to debug without access to your app.

    General advice is filtering out the most records first in your Report's Filters section, limiting the number of searchable field, avoiding complex Report formulas when possible and consider caching.

    Check out Brian Cafferelli's Give Your Apps a Tune-Up using the Performance Optimizer blog post for more details!

    Brian Seymour