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Re: Powerapps vs Smartsheet vs Quickbase

Are you using the "Per User" or "Per Usage" model? Our "Per Usage" pricing went way up last year, too, but at least I didn't have to pay extra for all of the users who touch the system once every week or two.

I agree, though, that the low introductory price and then jacking it up sounds like something else I've heard of. "Go ahead, take a hit of this, or try one of these pills, the first one's free!"

Edward Hefter

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    Funny, true, and sad all at once. I understand your frustration with the pricing model. We actually use a "Per User" model for our pricing. While it may have its own drawbacks, such as paying for users who have minimal interaction with the system, we believe it offers a fairer approach since it considers the number of active users benefiting from the service. It's unfortunate to hear that your "Per Usage" pricing increased significantly. It does seem reminiscent of certain sales tactics where companies lure customers in with a low initial price and then raise it steeply later on - the old "bait and switch" almost. Transparency and fairness are essential, and we ourselves strive to provide consistent and reasonable pricing without any surprise hikes to our customers.

    Justin White