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2 years ago

Realm Admins and Pipelines: See All, Do More

I was thrilled to be working at Quickbase when we launched our Pipelines integration platform, and all the exciting customer meetings and developments that followed. Customer builders dove right in, creating Pipelines, migrating Automations, and exploring our rapidly growing selection of Channels. After several meetings with these customers, I noticed one piece of feedback that was gaining popularity, “We can’t see other people’s Pipelines.” 

I immediately thought of the phrase, “Too many cooks in the kitchen.” I imagined a reckless kitchen full of chefs who were cooking the same meal but not seeing each other's creations or recipes, resulting in a chaotic experience for both the diners and wait staff of my imaginary restaurant. (CookBase?). 


The time has come! Your feedback has been heard. We took your order and cooked you something better suited to your taste. Realm Admins will have an enhanced View of Pipelines, now with more confident visibility, governance, and builder collaboration. Our October Release will enable Realm Admins with the ability to view not only their own created Pipelines, but all Pipelines built and managed on their Realm. 



Some Key Takeaways from this feature enhancement: 

  1. This new Realm Admin View will provide you with a running list for you to discover what new Pipelines have been created and by who on your Realm
  2. While this view is a “Read Only” list, as a Realm Admin you can switch to the Pipeline owners view or reach out to them directly. You also have the authorization to switch a user’s permissions to create/modify/disable, or revoke Pipelines permissions at the Account Level, if deemed necessary.
  3. While statistics are not provided when clicking on the gear icon, you will be able to see Basic Information details on each Pipeline: Name, Description, Pipeline ID, Date created, Pipeline type, Schedule, and Next runtime. 

 So go forth after our October Release, with more confidence, visibility, and governance on your Realms’ Pipelines. We see this as a major enhancement to builder collaboration and administrative control. Let us know how you intend to leverage this new view! 


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