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10 months ago

Record created off of a form and/or Pipeline, but then no content in the fields - why?

Hi QB Friends,

I've been waiting for help from Tech Support all week; now it's a long weekend in the US and I need try and figure this out before Monday afternoon.  I'm wondering if any of you have experienced anything like this, and if so, how did you resolve it?

Quick explanation:

I'm building a workshop registration system - each workshop has between 2 and 4 sessions.  

I want our facilitators of the workshop to oversee the registration of our guests.  They login to Quickbase and complete this form:

Registrant information is populated from another table in the database.  So far so good.  This information works just fine with every registration record.  Our team select their hospital and their community of residence and moves to section 2.
Section 2 - Registration information
This information is populated by sub-tables - I have a Workshops table, a separate Sessions table that lists every single session (like a calendar of upcoming events kind of thing).
I've built a report in our 'Sessions' table that displays upcoming sessions that a facilitator can select from.
Everything seems to be going really well.
The form populates the correct information, and you say 'Save and Close'
Then, when I go to the table to view the results, I see this:
I DO have a pipeline that runs if someone selects to register an individual for the 'Whole Series', but doesn't run if you select to register them for individual sessions.
So in this example, I'm showing you the blanks that occur whether or not the pipeline runs at all.
When I open up the record or the form, I can see that the correct 'workshop session' is attached to that record, but the fields remain blank.  
It only seems to populate the fields if it's a 1st in series session.  
So for example - if I select a workshop that has 4 sessions and select the option to 'register for the whole series' - great - the pipeline runs no problem.  4 records are created properly; the pipline activity shows each proper session being created. But then when I go to the table ONLY the 1st session contains data, the other 3 sessions do not.
Any ideas on where to go to figure this out?  I've been honestly just rebuilding for 3 days now, and I can't figure this out at all.
Thanks for any thoughts - I'm not expecting a fast solution, but I'd love it if someone just had some ideas on where to go to look this up.
**NOTE - I did double check my form carefully to be sure I hadn't somehow set up conditional formatting that only allowed data from the 1st session in a series to be logged.  Nothing there.  
Thanks so much for your thoughts!
I'll be fussing around with this all weekend until I get it right. :)

Jennifer Juhasz
BC, Canada

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  • I've read through this a couple times, and am not 100% sure I know what's expected and what it's actually doing 

    Are there two issues here?

    1) When just an individual workshop is selected, those fields don't populate

    2) When the whole series is selected, just the first workshop session populates?

    Here's a couple generic ideas..

    • Are the blank fields lookup fields to a related table? If so, is the recordID being set correctly in pipelines?
    • Pipelines looping can be tricky - and I fairly often realize that I'm working on the wrong branch or have forgotten to put a for each loop after a search

    Good luck, fellow canuck!

    Malcolm McDonald