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2 years ago

Regex in pipeline

I have a column called Reference Range that has a  'normal' range for a variable in the structure <number - number>. I would like to populate two extra columns in the same table called 'Lower Bound' and 'Upper Bound' with this range. The Regex formula: '(\d+)\-(\d+)' matches and gives me the groups. However, I'm not entire sure how to structure it in a Pipeline. The Reference Range is in an already existing table and I'd like to run this expression over all existing and future records. The "Apply Regular Expression" function should work for that however it expects a 'Text' field and I'm not certain how to get the 'Reference Range' column in there. 

TLDR; want to run the Regex (screenshot) over column in table whenever record in table changes

Jille van der Togt
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