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5 months ago

Report Formula - Strikethrough Text

I'm using a table report and would like to strikethrough the text all fields (columns) of an entry which has a [Project Status] that is "Cancelled". I've attempted a report formula (rich text) as follows:

Case([Project Status],
"Cancelled", "<span style='text-decoration:line-through'></span>")

I'm not receiving any errors in the formula, but there is no strikethrough text on the relevant "Cancelled" entries.

I've also attempted to specify a field, just in case the first formula wasn't specific enough, so I singled out [City ,ST | Site Name] with the same result (or lack thereof):

Case([Project Status],
"Cancelled", "<span style='text-decoration:line-through'>"&[City ,ST | Site Name]&"</span>")

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Howard Dyer III

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  • In your second example - what is it doing in the output of the formula in the report? Your CSS looks correct and I don't see any specific formatting with the formula. Is it still returning the city, ST | Site name just without the strikethrough?  

    Chayce Duncan