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Report Help - Multiple apps/tables

Hello. I'm looking for some assistance/guidance with reporting for our QA team. We have multiple apps built for different review types. We would like to have a separate report or maybe dashboard that could show how a specific Line of Business is doing as a whole across all different types of reviews being completed.

For example, we have an app for Review X, Review Y, and Review Z. Each of those separate review processes provide great reports for that specific review. We want to pull data from Review X, Review Y, and Review Z to show how a specific Line of Business is performing across all reviews. Kind of shooting for an end result overall QA score for each LOB.

Would this be a time to utilize the table to table relationships or what would be the best/easiest way to create this type of report or dashboard? Our team is new to the QuickBase world and have been using since March 2024. Thanks

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  • There are several ways to do this. One way is to create three connected sync tables into an app which contains a table for the LOBs.

    Then you will have all of your data in one app with a table, reflecting the information you need from the reviews. Then check what the key field is of your list of LO in this app and create hardcoded formula fields in each of those three connected sink tables to match those values. Then create relationships between the LOBs and the reviews to roll up any totals you like.   

    Feel free to post with any questions or contact me directly at If necessary, I can hop on a quick call for up to one hour to get you sorted out at no charge. You are new to Quickbase and I'd like to see you get off to a good start.  

  •  In thinking about this, you probably don't need to bother with the connected sync table, if you have a tremendous amount of data and a huge amount of users which is unlikely for this kind of app.

    You can just make three Cross App relationships. You build these on the child side so you build these each starting on each of the the three of your review apps.

    Mark Shnier, Your Quickbase Coach,