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2 years ago

Report Link Field - Display More Information

Good Afternoon All,

A little context before I ask my question:  I am putting together a report for a customer that is requesting some information (date, departure location, passengers, etc.).  She is requesting to be able to see all of the passengers that were on a certain trip.  I have most of the data I need available in one table, while the passenger names are stored in a different table.

I have created a report link field that will pull the relevant passenger names in accordance to the trip number, but cannot figure out how I can get the passenger names to display on the report.  As of right now, the report link only displays the trip number, and not the passenger names.

Does anyone have experience dealing with this kind of a situation?

Aidon Olligschlager

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  • No Problem
    I assume that you have a relationship where One Trip has Many Passengers.
    Create a Summary field on the relationship as a Combined Text Summary of [Passenger Full Name])

    Then you will likely not like the format of it on the trips record, so you may want to make a new formula txt field like this

    SerachAndReplace(ToText([Combined Text Summary PassengerFull Name]), " ; ", "\n")

    That will give the names in a vertical list.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)