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2 years ago

Reporting from Multiple Tables

Hi All,

I have an app with 4 tables.  Projects contains basic project information, such as Name, Address, Size, etc.  Three other tables contain details regarding milestones for project completion.  MS1, MS2 and MS3 each contain details about the milestones to include a completion date for each one.  How do I generate a report showing the Project Name, MS1 Completion Date, MS2 Completion Date and MS3 Completion Date.  Thanks for your help.

Mike Sanders

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  • I assume that you have three relationships from the parent table down to each of your 3 mile stone tables. I suggest that you make a summary field to summarize the minimum or maximum of the date of the mile stone and that will get that date up to the project record where you can show it on the report.  
    NNow that assumes that you just want to float up a single date from the milestones table. If in fact you want to float up multiple dates from the mile stone tables then he will need to make a text field which is a formula like this

    ToText([my date field]) 

    .... Can use a combined text summary field to float up all of the milestones text dates up to the parent record.  You don't want them to appear in the combine text bubble format then you can make a new field like this  

    ToText([My Combined text summary field]) or else like this to give a vertical list

    ToText([My Combined text summary field]), " ; ", "\n")

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      Very helpful, thanks Mark!

      Pete Maravich