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2 years ago

Reports to specific users

So, I am trying to create a report for a specific user, does not matter if everyone else can see it, I just need it to show on their dashboard but no one else. should I create a new role per person? that just seems like a lot of work and that there must be another way

Michelle Craig

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  • Yes you would need to create a separate role and a separate dashboard if you went that route but that sounds like a terrible direction.   So good instincts there. 

    How about this for an approach which could be leveraged for other users and other reports ....  

    Make a new table called User Reports. The table will have three fields:
    Report Title
    URL Link to run report.
    A List User field of Users entitled to see that report.

    Then make a report on that table filtered by where the list of users entitled to see the report contains the current user.  

    Then put that report on the dashboard. The effect of this is the report will be blank for most users but as you need to have more very specific reports for specific users they will nicely appear on their respective dashboards.  

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)