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3 years ago

RESTful Webhook to Update Record

I've got a webhook coming from our customer survey application, that I want it to update a project in our project table with the results.  I have to use json because it doesn't like the xml webhook for some reason.  I set it up as a Insert/Update record.  My issue is that occasionally the results don't have a project ID (fid 3), and when the webhook sends, rather than just rejecting the update as an error, it creates a new project with the survey results.  How can I prevent the webhook from creating new records, but only update existing ones?

Here's what it looks like


  "to": "[DBID]",

  "mergeFieldID": "3",

  "data": [


      "3": {

        "value": "${e://Field/QBProID}"


       "3513": {

        "value": "${rs://ResponseStatus}"



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