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Qrew Cadet
2 months ago

Rich Text Pages

Good Afternoon All,

I've recently started playing with the Rich Text page feature.  My plan is to put together a How-To guide for importing data into the system, incorporating notes and screenshots into the guide.  However, when I go to save my changes to the page in settings, Quickbase freezes and I have to continually click "Wait for Page" for several minutes until it finally saves and redirects to the settings page.  I have tried using both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and they both have the same issue.

Does anyone else have a similar experience or any kind of advice as to how I can speed up this process?

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  • Are you still seeing this issue persist? Can you elaborate on 'how' your getting into the rich-text page itself? I don't often use Rich-Text Pages but I was able to get it to work without issue. Doesn't sound like an issue that would be tied to something specific - are you familiar with your browser console? Maybe see if something pops in there that could lead you to something. Otherwise support is your best option