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2 months ago

%%rid%% has ceased working on mobile - be advised

In case others haven't realized, the %%rid%% has stopped working on mobile. If you attempt to use a button on mobile in add mode that is utilizing this feature, the URL button will not function at all, and will not even attempt to execute your URL.

Customer support as recognized this and states they are working on it. However, they have not told me any more information (such as if they have prioritized it, or is in their bucket of working on but will never actually fix). This has been broken for about 4 days so I do not think it is a priority for them.

Just want to be sure everyone else knows as well. It's dissapointing, I use this feature in probably 20 or 30 buttons so now I will need to take probably an entire day to find them all and come up with a work around.

I do have one work around that uses a helper table and an action to always find the max record ID. If anyone is interested they can let me know. Though with actions going away, even that will now become difficult. Sadly, Quickbase is finding ways to make developing harder and harder.

  • A patch was released on 4/24 or 4/26. This should be resolved.

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      To avoid heart burn , I have stopped QuickBase Mobile from last 6 months ! My stress levels have improved tremendously ! 

  • Yeah, sadly Quickbase has never much seemed to care about mobile, which has always surprised me as more and more people rely on mobile. We do much of our work in the field so I am forced to use mobile, unfortunately.

  • A patch was released on 4/24 or 4/26. This should be resolved.