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8 months ago

Role to Eliminate viewing of Single Record

I have a table that has employees with a Name field, a Warehouse field, and of course, a Record ID field.  I would like to write a custom rule that would allow the role to view Warehouses of "Wisconsin"and "North Carolina" but not view the record with record ID "1019".  

So what this is doing is the person with this role can view all employees at these warehouses except for their own record which is record ID "1019" irregardless of warehouse.

Is this doable?



Brian Dunk

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    Brian Dunk
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      Qrew Captain

      Is Record ID specific to a single person or are you trying to make it dynamic based on the user logged in? 

      To your specific question, update your filter as follows: 

      ALL of the conditions are true

      Record ID is not equal to 1019 


            ANY of these conditions are true

            Employee Warehouse = Wisconsin 

            or Employee warehouse = North Carolina

      Where the spacing above represents a nested condition. 

      If you're trying though to make it such that the logged in user can't see their own record you will need to tag the employee with a user field in their profile so that you can filter out their own record versus hard coding in 1019. 

      Chayce Duncan