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3 years ago

Roll Back / ReOpen Completed Tasks

Good afternoon -
I have a scenario where an approval task can be rejected, which would roll the workflow back to the design task [Revisions Needed]. Any suggestions on the best way to do this?

"If task 220 = Rejected, set task 200 = Revisions Needed, set task 210 = Not Started"

Thanks in advance for any guidance

Chris Freda

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    What does the architecture of your application look like?

    Assuming that you are tracking every Task Status Change

    Assume that your Task Status table has values that look like this

    1 New
    2 Not Started
    3 Submitted for Approval
    4 Rejected
    5 Revisions Needed
    6 Approved

    I would add a Pipeline that fires when a Record is added to the Task Status Change table where

    Related Task Status =4

    The Pipeline then adds a record to that table

    Related Task =  RID from the Task from prior add
    Related Task Status = 5
    Note = "Rejected by ... Status set to Revisions Needed"    or whatever makes sense for your person that has to work on it for the revision.

    Don Larson