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8 months ago

Row Counter

Can anyone council me if it is possible to create a report formula to count and display the row number in a report?  (I know Quickbase counts the number of records in a report, but can this counter be accessed?)

Jeff Rogerson

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  • This can be done with a Formula Query but only if the short on the report is 100% predictable and you don't use any dynamic filters.  

    The only other way that I know of is to create a field that calculates to 1 called [Row]

    then you need to contrive a summary report, which will actually break on every single record, and include that as a field to summarize on the report, and said that field to be displayed as a running total down the report.  

    So basically, the trick is to make a summary report which gives you all the rose and all the columns that you would have had on your table report.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      Mark is the undisputed guru so I'd trust his response more than mine.  But I'll still take a crack at how I'd try this, even though I know it is not an efficient way to do it.

      If your report works as you want, you could build a pipeline to recreate that same data set.  Then, write that data set (your report data) to an empty table.  That table would also need to include a field that does a record count and populates that field each time a record is added. 

      The formula I use for this field is: 

      If(not IsNull([Record ID#]),"AND{3.LTE.'"&[Record ID#]&"'}")))

      Warning:  I am somewhat of a novice at Quickbase so don't bet the farm on my suggestion :)

      Aaron B
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        Aaron, but the problem will be that report sort is unlikely to be by Record ID# and the Formula Query will rank by Record ID# and it would include all records and not just the ones included in the report filter.

        Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)