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3 years ago

RTF Formula Field .... too long?

I have an RTF Formula Field (in a Company table) which resolves to an icon - it's the same icon for every record on the table, but I don't display it  on the View form for the table unless another field (No Setup) is Checked.  I don't ever display it on the Add/Edit form.

Here is the formula:

"<img src=''>"

This is all fine, and a report will show each record has this value in the field, except that today (the second day it's been set up), you can't create a new Company record and you can't modify a Company record - you get the message:

The data for the field "Icon No Setup" is too long. (Maximum length allowed is 20 characters.)
Please enter shorter text and try again.
(The company was not changed)

It's true that the RTF field is currently set to Max 20 characters.  But how can the icon be "too long" ?  And why did this work yesterday?  I tested modifying a Company yesterday, and you could do it - but not now.

What am I missing?

Charlotte Morin

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  • You appear to have a data entry field called

    Icon No Setup

    and inadvertently, have set the maximum length to 20 characters.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)