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5 months ago

Salesforce Generic SOQL query

Hi All,

I have created a pipeline to fetch some data from Salesforce to quickbase i used Salesforce Generic SOQL query step but the output i received from this step unable to use in the next steps due to the popup is showing no attributes. How to write a jinga script to use the output of SOQL query.

Hema Venkata Sainath Vemula

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  • When you run the pipeline - what is the format of the payload you get back from the query? If you look at the logs - you should see the raw output of your query. You would base your next steps on that. If the payload response is JSON for example - then you can just do bracket or dot notation to access the data. 

    So in future steps you can just do like {{}}, {{a.key}}, {{a["data"]["key"]}} - whatever the JSON structure is like and target the key value pairs that you need. 

    Chayce Duncan