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8 months ago

Sandbox Access

We are getting ready to start a new project with a new client and they have provided links to Sandbox environments they created for each App we will be working with. However, those links expire and the next time we try to use them we can log into their system, but nothing shows in the "My Apps" section. With previous clients where I worked with a Sandbox, I would log into their live environment and then switch over to the Sandbox environment to work. Base on that, does a user need to be added to the Live and the Sandbox version to be able to have continuous access? I believe I even tried saving the Sandboxes in my bookmarks but that didn't work either.

Chris Swirtz

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  • Yes users need to be provided Live and Sandbox access separately.  If when you publish your sandbox if you delete and recreate every time, then you will constantly be adding users.  Further if you publish and delete, it will delete any pipelines, which is a real pain to have to recreate as well.  

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      Is it possible instead of using the sandbox to just create app copies? In working with larger projects - the all or nothing nature of the sandbox and the fact that is closes down Production makes usage of actual sandboxes untenable - to which I rarely if ever use them and prefer to make copies that I just have to re-develop in Dev and Prod. It's a pain but the experience with the actual sandbox in my experience is worse. 

      Chayce Duncan