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10 months ago

Save & Close button

Hi all,

I am looking for a way to configure a button that when I click it, it opens a new tab to add a comment, after finishing the comment, I need to save it then close that tab automatically. 

Do you have an idea on how to achieve this?


Esteban Vega

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  • There are some sample code pages available. One is to close a popup.

    So your steps would be:

    1. Create a form that only has the comments field on it (and whatever else you want, maybe a title or instructions).
    2. Create a rich text button that opens the current record in a popup, to that new form, in edit mode.
    3. Use the code page and NextURL (as seen in the link above), which will auto close the popup.

    Please note that in the example, they use and add record API. Their example is adding a child record and then closing popup, but you can do it while editing a record. As long as the NextURL command calls the close popup.

    Mike Tamoush