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2 months ago

Save Before Navigating and API Edit Record Bug - Not bug...

I posted earlier about this and said I would update, but cannot find the original posting any more.

I located what I felt was a bug, but Customer Service has stated is expected. This behavior may affect many of you, and I would be curious to know how many others have realized this is happening.

When using SaveBeforeNavigating, if you have changed field values it is a random chance if the order will be: Save the Record and Grab the New Field Values or if it will be Grab Old Field Values then Save Record.

Thus, you are are utilizing any changed fields (perhaps you are using an edit record api and taking the value of Field A, which was just changed), you will sometimes get the original value of Field A, and sometimes get the new value of field A. I guess both actions happen at the same time (grabbing the field values and saving the record), so it's a mini race to see which one happens first, and it switches back and forth.

As they are labeling this as expected behavior, I suppose we will need to start a feedback if it is something we would like to see sequential (save then get field values). Wondering if others would be interested in this feature.

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