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8 months ago

Save Before Navigating does not recognize file attachment, work around?

Anyone run into this issue and have a solution?

The class SaveBeforeNavigating will only Auto Save if it detects a change on the record. However, it does not see a file being attached as a change. Thus, if uploading a file is the only change made, it will not save before proceeding.

Indeed, even formula checkboxes looking for a file only recognize it once it is saved. So, any thoughts on how we can get a record to auto save before navigating, if a file upload is the only change? 

In other circumstances if I am launching to a form, I can use some sort of sneaky field update in the background. However, if someone opens a record, and simply adds a file without making any other changes, I am not quite sure how I can force a change.

Mike Tamoush

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  • A solution is to have a form rule to "dirty" the record when opened for edit, using a form rule.  I make a numeric field and another field with a formula of that numeric field +1, then a form rule to change the data entry field to the value in the formula field. But it does mean that the record will  get dirtied when no real change ws made, if the user was just "looking" in edit mode..

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      To echo Marks point - you can similarly do a date/time that is always being set to 'now' by a form rule but it will mean that if a user saves without changing anything else QB will still save that field as a change. If your workflow would allow for it - you could modify it where the user checks a box or completes some other step before they upload. For example I have a prior use case where a file was required for closeout before they could submit - to which we just made a checkbox for 'Ready to Submit' that made it seem as if they were unlocking some additional process that then required the file before they could leave. Wasn't ideal but it provided a workflow that seemed semi-natural in the overall process. 

      Chayce Duncan