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4 months ago

Scheduled Pipelines url


In simple terms, I have a code page which is triggered by a user clicking a formula url button. Once this happens, the application is updated via api's.
My question is, is there anyway to utilize pipelines to automatically "click" this button (there is only 1 record on this table) or run the same formula within the formula url button to trigger the code page on a scheduled basis? This button needs to be pressed on this record since it captures some data from the record/ table it lives in. Eventually there may be one or two records more, so I would like to keep this aspect of it dynamic

Thank you for your time

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  • What is the code page doing specifically? A pipeline can likely do almost anything that you're code page would be done. Don't think of it as the Pipeline clicking the button to open the code page as that's not possible - instead think of it with the Pipeline instead taking the same actions that the code page is currently doing - if possible.

    Chayce Duncan
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      Hey Chayce,

      So the app I am working in is from the exchange called " Virtual Empower: App Library" by Ryan Pflederer. It's an incredible app that helps you manage your realm. One of the features allows you to "Refresh app schema". This takes you to a webpage where you add your user token and click submit to fire the script. I have altered the code page so that after clicking "refresh app schema", it does everything automatically. This is one step closer, but I would prefer if this happened every night at a specific time without me having to click the button. As for your question of what does the code page do, the code that Ryan wrote far excels my javascript and html knowledge, so I can't fully answer that, however, it is available for everyone to use.
      This isn't at all urgent, so please don't feel rushed to reply, though I am looking forward to continuing this conversation. 

      Hope you enjoy your weekend!

      Shane Miller
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        I'm familiar with the app and have used it before. Unfortunately PIpelines still can't run the button. Pipelines can however make those same api calls and load to your app but it would all be rebuilt. I have used Pipelines for example to grab users and roles and load them as schema data internally as a comparable. The API calls that page makes though are all doable in Pipelines fetching the JSON response or QB will convert it's own XML to JSON for use in Pipelines so it's a lot of processing and work in Pipelines but can be done. 

        You could use a headless browser to click the button but that type of coding is much more difficult.

        Chayce Duncan