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2 years ago

Search and replace line break on mobile not working?

I have the code below:

var text QueryNotFS = "{16.EX.'" & [Sample Number] & "'} AND {10.XEX.'FS'}";
var text QueryFS = "{16.EX.'" & [Sample Number] & "'} AND {10.EX.'FS'}";
var text NotFSList = ToText(GetFieldValues(GetRecords($QueryNotFS,"bshhyhvh5"),8));
var text FSList = ToText(GetFieldValues(GetRecords($QueryFS,"bshhyhvh5"),8));

"<b>SGS Cooler:</b>" & SearchAndReplace($NotFSList," ; ", "<br>") & "<br>" &
"<b>Vista Cooler:</b>" & SearchAndReplace($FSList," ; ", "<br>")

This works fine on mobile. But I need a line break after SGS Cooler, like so:

"<b>SGS Cooler:</b>" & "<br> & SearchAndReplace($NotFSList," ; ", "<br>") & "<br>" &
"<b>Vista Cooler:</b>" & SearchAndReplace($FSList," ; ", "<br>")

But when I do that, on Desktop it is fine, but on mobile it suddenly removes the entire second part (Vista Cooler). It has something to do with my Search and Replace function, as if I remove the search and replace it works fine again.

Any ideas why that search and replace is causing issues in mobile?

Mike Tamoush

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  • Update.

    It IS working, it's just that I had no idea that on mobile you actually scroll through rich text fields. There is no scroll bar so I was unaware it was an option.

    When I took away breaks, it just so happened my field suddenly was small enough to fit on one screen

    Mike Tamoush