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2 years ago

Section Headings & Tabs

Is it possible to have multiple tabs under multiple section headings?

Right now I have several tabs under a section heading, but when I create a new section heading it doesn't display on the main form under the other headings, it gets stuck (or embedded) under the last tab.

Allison Watson

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  • Allison,

    In short, no. Adding a tab will always embed any future field/section heading/etc under it.

    George Hambel
    Project Manager
    Synctivate Inc
  • I don't think that's possible. You could create additional Forms on the same table and buttons (Formula URL) that point to different forms (by appending &dfid=YourFormID) as a workaround.

    Perhaps this will be addressed when QB releases the new Form Builder UI?

    Check out QB blog post Announcing new forms beta for more info!

    Brian Seymour