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2 years ago

Send record information to e‑mail address in a field in a linked to table's record

I have two tables: "Projects" and "Cost Centers"

In the project-table record there is a cost center section where one or more cost center records can be added. The cost center table has a "Budget/Cost Center Owner E-mail" field, which is an e‑mail field type. There is only one e‑mail address per cost center. 

When a Cost Center is added to a Project record, I would like an e‑mail notification sent to the e‑mail address in the Cost Center record, but I want it to provide in the e‑mail body, information from the Project record. 

The owners of the e‑mail addresses may not be users of the app, which is why I'm not using a user field. 

The purpose is that we want the budget/cost center owners to be alerted when the cost centers they are responsible for are linked to a project. 

Is there a way to do this in QuickBase?  Also, this app is still in development so if there is a better way to accomplish our objectives, I can restructure things. For example, if using user field would be easier, I could do so, but we are trying to avoid that as we are close to the user limit under our current contract. 

Putting the e‑mail / user field in the project record is not ideal as cost centers are used to fund many projects. 

Also, I only want the notification to be sent when the Cost Center record is added to the Project record. Not every time the Project record is updated. 

I'd be grateful for any advice or tips.

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  • No problem,

    There  are two types of email notifications.  

    The default is recipient but the other type is called open.
    Once you create the notification you cannot change it so if you want to change it to an open notification you have to re-build it from scratch.

    An open notification can go to any email address regardless if they are a user or not.

    while it is inexplicably not documented the email recipients can be listed vertically in the box by the field name.   Each recipient must be in a separate field of type email.

    so you just carefully type Tirunelveli own filed names like this

    [email address 1]

    [email address 2]

    [email address 3]

    note that the default setting in Quickbase support is that new realms are not allowed to send external emails. But no problem just put in a support ticket to QuickBase asking your realm to be in able to send external emails.  They will typically enable in less than an hour.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      Thanks for your help but turns out I was being dumb and approaching this in the wrong way. I should not have been using a one-to-many relationship. I needed a many-to-many relationship. One cost center can fund multiple projects.  One project can be funded by multiple cost centers. 

      I created a "Cost Center Assignments" intermediary table.  When a record is added to or modified in THAT table, a notification is sent to the cost center owner's e‑mail with the necessary fields from the two projects and cost center tables. 

      Easy. I just wasn't thinking. 

      Paul Easton