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3 years ago

Sendgrid to integrate with Quickbase

A client of ours is requesting a button to send bulk emails linked to a specific Sendgrid template.

So essentially they want to open an order/report and have a button on said order that will allow them to select a template out of Sendgrid and email it to the customer. Has anyone had this issue and is it possible?

P.s. I have set up a Zapier call but it only has 1 trigger and the customer wants to do it on the fly, so Zapier is not exactly what they need

Kelly Grewar

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  • Could you help me understand what you are asking.

    1. You want a button on a report
      • So on every record that is displaying on that report. Then the user would have to go and click your button for each record they wish to send an email for.
    2. You want the button to let the user select which template when clicked
      • So the user will click this button for each record, and every time the button is clicked the user gets prompted to select which template they would like to use. 
    3. You said "a button to send bulk emails linked to a specific Sendgrid template".
      • The word "Bulk" is confusing me here. The user loads the report. They click the new button that is connected to a record in this report. They select the template they want to use. You populate your template with data from the record that the button was clicked off of. Then you send the email to that customer. Can you explain what you mean by Bulk emails? This seems like 1 email per button click.
    This seems like a fairly easy task. If you can clear up those questions and help me understand better I can help you get this setup.

    Alan Turing
  • How immediate do you need this done? Having 1 button that would allow a user to select template and then email every record in the report would probably take a custom code page solution. I can write it for you today and post it here when I am done if you would like.

    If you do not want a custom solution with a code page then you would have to reverse engineer your idea. Something along these lines:

    1. Create a new table for Template ID's
      • Create a record for each template and the associated template ID
      • Inside one of your template records ->
        • Create a formula rich text field to run a formula Query.
        • Create a few multiple choice fields (The formula query will use the selections from these drop downs as query parameters).
        • The idea is to be able to find the records from the original table with the same criteria the report you were going to use is using, and then build a "fake" report inside of the template record in the new template table.
        • The formula query field would simply need to return a list of record ID's of all the records that need to be emailed for this template you are inside of.
      • Create a webhook that goes to Zapier (you can also do this in pipelines as long as Sendgrid doesn't use Auth2.0)
        • Set the criteria of the webhook to only fire when a template record is modified AND the multiple choice fields are not equal to blank
        • Send over the formula query field with the list of record ID's, template ID, and any other data you need to populate the email template to Zapier in the webhook body.
    2. Zapier Setup
      • you will parse the formula query field you sent over.
      • Setup a For Each loop.
        • This loop will => For Each record ID run an API call that sends the email.
      • I would then have it talk back to Quickbase to clear out the drop down options selected inside of the template record that fired the webhook. So that template is a blank slate ready to be edited again.

    I can help with either one of these. Just let me know.

    Alan Turing
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      This needs to be done before  next week wednesday.

      The first and the second option both seem viable.

      If you could help me with the custom code page that would be a tremendous help!. We are currently building in UAT to show this feature so showing both options would be helpful.

      I am definitely going to try out the second option you have provided to me as this seems easy enough for me to achieve..

      Thanks Alan Turing

      Kelly Grewar
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        Qrew Trainee
        Ok awesome! After I finish working today I will build it for you. Ill post it here with all the instructions you will need to copy paste it and make it work.

        No problem at all. I love helping people do the things Quickbase Support tells you that you cannot do.

        Alan Turing