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3 years ago

Sending custom email from Quickbase

I had a quick question about leveraging quickbase to send out emails. Is there an in-built function to send out custom emails using Quickbase? I have already figured out a way to send templated emails by defining specific triggers but was struggling to find a way to send a custom email that an agent wants to send to a given email address. 
I was also wondering if there was a way to store these email conversations? One thing I could think of was introducing a new table to only store sent and received emails and setting up a relationship with the parent table to look up all historical conversations. Do let me know your thoughts.

Tushar Singh

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    Can you explain more what you mean about custom emails and how those would differentiate from the standard notification you can build?

    You could definitely store the emails but it would require some kind of integration service for you to send them to with a bcc or similar. Once the notification/email leaves Quickbase there is not much tracking you can do if any.