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7 years ago

Sending non-English characters to quickbase

Hi - so I understand that I can switch my browser's character encoding settings to UTF-8 in order to view non-English characters in quickbase, so I'm able to manually edit a quickbase field with non-English characters and can view the result that way, but I can't figure out how I can actually send non-English characters to quickbase via the API; they don't turn out correctly even when the browser is displaying in UTF-8.

I'm updating quickbase via node.js's quickbase module, and when I send fields with non-English text and view in UTF-8, SOME of the characters convert correctly, but others display as question marks. By default, this quickbase module sends data to quickbase using ISO-8859-1 encoding, though when I change the charset to UTF-8, the problem gets worse, and ALL the non-English characters go through to quickbase as question marks. I assume there's a way to get all the characters to go through correctly - any thoughts on what I could be doing wrong?

I'm also wondering how I will be able to download user reports (CSVs) with the data displayed in UTF-8...or is that not possible?


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  • QuickBase for some odd reason continues to use windows-1252 instead of utf-8:

    The question marks are a telltale sign you have an encoding problem.

    When I was at Empower I was all set to show off my Service Worker that converted pages to French when their devops were in the middle of re-configuring something and the question marks started to show up in QuicikBase pages and the character encoding was reported at various times as either windows-1252 or utf-8 as someone was making server changes.

    Off the top of my head I don't know how to solve your problem or even have the time to look into it but the heart of the problem has to do with QuickBase using windows-1252 encoding.