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Qrew Cadet
3 years ago

Setting a status field on exporting data

Hello Smart QB Folks!

I have a lengthy process tracking the status of a commission sale within Quickbase.  The final step is to export (i hope!) t all the records into a csv or etc that meet some condition so the folks can get paid.  

I can write the report, no problem .. I can export the data using the button on the report .. easy! But have all that automated so that the records' status gets changed to 'paid' (for eg), without having a number of manual steps, I don't even know where to start.

Malcolm McDonald

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  • Are these records related in any way? ie all children of a parent record?

    Here's what I have in mind, hopefully this makes sense for your scenario:
    • Parent table, let's call it Exported
      • This table has a field called Paid, probably a checkbox
    • Child table has all your sales, lets call that Sales
      • This table pulls the Paid checkbox from the parent
    Now, when it comes time to export a set of records, relate them all to one parent. Export the data. Then mark the parent as Paid, which will cascade to the children. If that works, I think a formula url could do it all in one shot.

    Matt Hardy
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      Qrew Captain
      How are you doing the export?   If it's driven by a URL button it'll be very easy to change a field to 'Paid'.

      Jeff Peterson
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        Qrew Cadet
        Hi Jeff -- 

        Been chasing this thread through the forums with your hints, but I'm not coming up with answer. 

        I can download a csv of the report via a button on the homepage pretty easily now using the opts=csv parameter.

        But once I've downloaded that csv, I then want QB to set field 82 = "Paid" for every record in this report.

        I have tried the formula URL nesting approach Mark Shnier documented in the URL for Dummies app -- eg:

        var text URLONE = ... ;
        var text URLTWO = ... ;
        & "&rdr=" & URLEncode($URLTWO)

        However, I haven't been able to figure out how to put that onto my home page's buttons and just get a garbage URL instead. My understanding is these buttons are static and don't allow that kind of dynamisms? 



        Malcolm McDonald