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3 years ago

Setting up a table with the right fields to allow for easy monthly trend of performance measures

For a state - I want to show how did on a performance measure (there are about 9 performance measures) on a monthly basis. 

I am trying to figure out to best way to set-up the table, so that i can capture the measurement month, the state, the measurement, and the value - so I can created a monthly trend report for each of the 9 measures and see each state against together and separately. What is the best set-up for the table to make monthly entry as easy as possible.

Lashell Thomas

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  • The best setup is gong to be where every record is separate, so separate records for each  month for each state for each Measure.  That will give you complete flexibility in your reporting.  If you make a record that holds all nine measurements the data entry might be easier but I think the reporting might be more difficult.  

    You might want to just try it both ways with some test data just to see if you can get the reports working.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)