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3 years ago

SFTP Connection fails after reading three files

I have an SFTP connection to folder with CVS files. QB accepts the server credentials. The import runs and records are created. But only for the first three files. Reading the fourth file always triggers a login error.

What truly has me baffled is when I test the connection, the Password field is blank and Username field displays the password, in clear text! I correct it and it says "Your connection is working". BUT when I click OK, the changes are not saved.

The only way I can get a working connection is to start over and make a new one. And it runs on only three files and then I'm back where I started.

Samantha Sand

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  • I figured this out. The SFTP server has a throttle limit of three. Throttling is a standard security practice to prevent brute force attacks so I'm not sure why QB engineered their SFTP connection this way. It's almost like it's only meant to handle the single file use case and never expect multiple files.

    As for the odd behavior in the QB connection credentials, I figured this out too. When the QB connection was rejected by the SFTP server's throttle limit - the browser page refreshes but it is parsing the SFTP URL return string incorrectly.

    It puts the contents of the password into the username field and the password becomes blank. This invalidated the credentials making no further connections possible.

    Valid bug that should be put on the bug fix list.

    Samantha Sand