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2 years ago

SharePoint to QuickBase Pipeline

What is the proper sequence of Pipeline channels and functions to allow a SharePoint List to connect to a Quickbase table? The goal is for Quickbase to GET data from the Sharepoint List. I can achieve this fine with a Pipeline I built that gets data from a csv within Sharepoint but I can't quite figure out how to get at into QB from SharePoint.

I can't find any resources that point to a config like SP to QB. 

 My current config looks like this

A) Trigger: Webhook and Incoming Request
B) Sharepoint channel function: Search Lists. (Account, URL, ID= the list id)
c) FOR EACH MS Sharepoint List
LOOP: Quickbase Channel: Prepare Bulk Upsert
D) QB: Add a bulk Upsert row
(note in this step I am presented with the QB field but nothing avaible to map them to)
E) Commit Upsert

Please advise. Thank You

Michael Mahon
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