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7 months ago

Sharing a form with entire organization

I have created a request form that I would like anyone in our organization to complete and save.  I was under the impression that each person in the organization did NOT need quickbase app itself, just the link to complete the form.  is that accurate?

Any guidance would be helpful

Lynda Schutter

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  • You can set up a Role called perhaps EOTI which stands for Everyone On The Internet. Then go to invite new users and start to type everyone on .. and it will auto complete.  That will allow the Role to allow anyone into the app without signing in.

    if it's a request form, one way to control security to to all users to In that Role to ADD records, but not Edit.  Then for the View form,  you create dummy form that just says "Thank you for your request, you can expect a response in  24 hours ..... then set that Role to use that dummy form to view.  That way the request details rare not exposed to all users of the app.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)