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2 years ago

Sharing a Single Record with a NON-user

I did not have time to do a lot of research regarding this question because I am running a big job....but this pertains to this. 

I want to give my client access to their record only.  This is a high-profile job, and I do not want them to have to login or create a user account.
Is there a way to send the a link so they can see status updates, photos, and any notes in their job record?

Thank you,

Jennifer Meyer

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  • You would need to setup what is called an EOTI Role "Everyone On The Internet"  called say "EOTI for Customer XYZ".  Limit View access to the various table for just that one customer.  Then invite Every one on the internet to the app.  Just start to type in the box and it will come up.  Then assign that "user' to that that EOTI Role. 

    Of course then anyone wth the link can access that record.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)