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Qrew Cadet
7 years ago

Shorten Column Width

I have a report called "Vendor List". Which lists Vendor Name, Address, etc. One of the fields we created is "Keywords", a text field where we include former names of the vendor, or AKA names...

The Keywords field is making my Vendor list report very long, as some vendors have many key words or phrases. I'd like to keep it on the report, because anyone can search a keyword to return a vendor. But the report is not "clean". I created a truncated text field so that report's column width is shorter, but now searching by keyword will not work.

Is there a way to limit the column size on the report, and still be able to search within this field int the report?

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  • Ok, so I have a magic answer.

    Make a formula rich field type and concatenate all the fields that you want to search into one field  and make a fake hyperlink.  The field will be searchable but invisible to the naked eye.

    Add the field as the last column of the report and either override the column heading with a dot for a label or just call the field [.] 

    It will be a skinny field at the end of the report that no one will notice but magically all the extra fields you need searched will be searched using the filter box.

    var text URL = List(" ", [sub 1], [sub 2], [sub 40]); // put the extra fields to be searched here
    var text Words = "";

    "<a href=" & $URL & ">" & $Words & "</a>
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      Qrew Cadet
      Thanks for your help -- but I'm still having trouble:

      var text URL = List(" ", [Key words]); 
      var text Words = "";

      "<a href=" & $URL & ">" & $Words & "</a>" 

      That's the formula I used, but I am getting an error...
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      Qrew Cadet
      Ok I see when I added another field to the formula it worked like a charm ----  If I wanted more info on this VAR function, is there a place to do more research? This was perfect --- thank you. 
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      Qrew Captain
      var is not a function. It is just a way to make what is called a

      Formula Variable

      To make formula more easily read and debugged.

      Look for help on that phrase. I�m not at s computer now so I don�t have a link up the help text right now.