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8 months ago

Single field used multiple times on form

I'm hiding/showing tabs based on a field value.  The tabs represent different workflows.  The workflows use the same fields as well as fields unique to that workflow.

In the past, I was able to select the common fields on each tab. I got a warning when saving the form, but I was allowed to add the same field on each tab.

In the new form builder, I'm not able to repeat a field, even on a separate tab.  I went back to the old form and it appears that too has been locked down. 

Any ideas on work around?  Is there a setting which allows me to select the same field on a single form? 

Cathy Wilbur

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  • If it worked before it was probably more of an accident or quirk then design. Input fields can / should only be used once per form given that QB couldn't reconcile which value to save if you input it differently at different spots on the form. You can reuse formulas and lookups as many times as you want - so you could have your input on one tab and then display a copied value in a formula on other parts of the form. 

    Chayce Duncan