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3 years ago

Sort a conditional dropdown - 2021

Hello! There appears to be one thread from 2014-2017 about this topic, but the resolution wasn't clear to me.

I have a text field called Type that appears on a form as a conditional drop-down. I want the "other" option to appear last. I have a numeric field called Sort Order- with 1 for every record except "other". In the default table settings I made the sorting field Sort Order. My default report appears with "other" at the end, but the drop-down did not. 

I then changed my record picker settings so that Sort  Order appears in the drop down. This gives me the order that I want, with "other" last, but doesn't look great. (Screenshot below)

Is there a way to sort a conditional dropdown based on another field, without making that sorting field appear itself in the dropdown? 


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  • You can make a report with any fields you like and any sort order.  The set the form property for that drop down field field to use that report.

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