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3 months ago

Specific permissions needed to run a copy master and detail button?

I created a button utilizing the copy master and detail function.  The button works fine for me (app admin) but a user (participant role) gets a message that zero records were created when she presse...
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    3 months ago

    Figured out my own issue.  The master record was connected to 2 tables, I didn't want the 2nd child table to always be copied, so I deleted those connected child records from my parent.  I then added back in the option to copy just the 2nd child records, but since my master record didn't have those connections, nothing was created.

    Solution - re-created my 2 buttons.  Configured the COPY one to copy the master and 1st child table records only.  Configured a 2nd button to IMPORT the 2nd child table records only.

    Hid the buttons using form rules so they only appear when needed.  Sheesh!