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2 years ago

Splicing Date info from an Audited field to calculate amount of time passed.

I am trying to splice out the dates from an audit field to see how many days has gone by since the last time the status was updated. What formula can be used to achieve this?

Example of field attached. It shows what day the field changed, who changed it, and what the new value was. It shows this for every change. 

Elizabeth Schlagel

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    The problem with parsing is that if someone changes the field settings to reverse the audit entries then the parsing will break.  A more robust solution would be to create a pipeline that triggers whenever the Status field changes, and then save the date in a field "Last Status Date".

    If you really want to parse it then this should work if your audit entries are always at the top:
    Today() - ToDate(Trim(Left(Right([Status], Length([Status]) - Find([Status], "[")), " ")))​

    Hope that helps!

    Doug Henning