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2 years ago

Still no way to hide 'New App' button?

Is there still no way to hide the New App button? It's the first button everyone tries to click, so I receive about 10 requests a week to try to create new apps. Has anyone come up with a way to remove this button??

Michael Tamoush

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  • You are not alone. Because of this, I announced to everyone, on multiple occasions, that they can create their very own builder account with unlimited reign over their own realm.

    They still click the New App button...

    Adam Keever
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      Yes, it is annoying but I just ignore those messages and delete them. The real problem is that users just accidentally click on that link. There is no "are you sure" step for them so they accidentally click it and trigger the email.  

      Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      Holy smokes. Customer support can remove it....all this time all you have to do is ask!?!?

      I saw on the feedback someone posted you can just ask customer support. So I did. 10 minutes later the button is gone. If you are admin you can go to the Permissions Tab and select which users you want to have the create app ability. The New App 'tab' will be gone for everyone, BUT those with permissions can still click the 'My Apps' tab and will see an option to create a new app. Perfect!

      I cant believe I put up with this for 3 years when all I had to do was ask.....

      Mike Tamoush
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        I'm glad Michael was able to address this, but yes, our Customer Support team has the capability upon request from the Realm Admin of the account for this button to be disabled in a given realm.

        Our Realm Admin Customer Network had this come up in a recent discussion. All sorts of tips and tricks for Realm Admins to learn from other Realm Admins in this program. Would fully endorse this for anyone looking to tap more into Community to up their QB games. 

        Ben Simon

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