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3 years ago

Storing files outside of QB but accessing from QB forms?

Is it possible to have QB store file uploads on a different server (Amazon/Sharepoint etc), but with a few catches:

1. The data must never live in a QB server, not even cached momentarily while sending to the other server.
2. When accessing the data on the other server, it must require each user to have an account (with amazon/sharepoint) and be logged in to their personal account (ie, not somehow be tied to a Realm Admin Account and be using those permissions to access the data)

I think there may be some ways to utilize Pipelines and or 3rd parties like Juiced, but I am unclear how it technically works using these systems. Where the data resides in between the upload and it being sent to Amazon/Sharepoint.

The ultimate goal is for security purposes. I need certain data to live only on specific servers with specific security requirements covered (which QB does not have).

Mike Tamoush
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